Magnum Photo

This week, I discover the website magnum photo.

All this pictures inspired me a lot and I choose two of them to write about how I feel when I see that.

THAILAND. Bangkok. 2008
THAILAND. Bangkok. 2008


This picture is very strong and make me feel happy. I also make me nostalgic about my previous holidays in Thailand. I was with my family and I visited the south of Thailand and lived in Koh Samui, unfortunately a very touristic area but also wonderful.

What I hold the most is my contact with people, and how they were nice and smiling. Some didn’t have none little luxury that we can have in our live (Phone, computer, Video games…) but they are able to give you everything they have to help you.

That`s the kind of mentality I like and which is reflected in this picture.

PAKISTAN. Peshawar. 1984. Afghan Girl at Nasir Bagh refugee camp.

PAKISTAN. Peshawar. 1984. Afghan Girl at Nasir Bagh refugee camp.

This picture is now famous all around the world. From France, I can avoid all the recent event which happened to my city, Paris but also the big european issues with a flow of refugees more and more bigger everyday.

Now with the border close, they’re thousand, like this girl to wait there entry.
Recently, they decided to don’t take food to manifest.
This picture change the face of the refugees and show that they’re not only terrorist men but also civil people like young girl and boy which have to quit they’re country because of the war.


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