Visit to the Museum of Natural History

It was the first time that I was going to this wonderful museum and it was a great pleasure.

Natural History is where we all come from, and that’s why it is very important to watch and explain how each community from different parts of the planet became what they are now : culture, tradition, behavior, religions and I could say so many more examples which composed a civilization.


That’s why during my visit, I decided to focus on people. People from another century, often the first century, based on Asian continent, South America continent and Africa continent.

These three expositions permit to see how different people can grow up, but none in the the same sense. Each create its own music, iys own costume, its own party, its own dance, its own specialization. As if in a century where the word “community” doesn’t exist, people were feeling to be together and create something together, which they can have.


African civilization is one of the most ancient of the world. Some people also say that we are all descendant from African people.

Ornaments are very important in this culture, necklaces are very colored and served for youth during ceremony. Women have to be well dressed during this representation of dance because they are in competition with the other women. Women at this time have an important place in the community and are respected.


Dance is very important in this community. They have their own dance, with their own costumes, which represent something specific, often war dance or typical dance. That’s a ritual but also a call to spirits.

African peoples have a lot of ritual and believe in divination. Doctors, priests, chiefs are divination. And all the community have to follow them.

South America

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In South America, textile is one of the biggest specializations. Because of the cold climate, they have to be prepared against cold and developed clothes which are still actually the hotter and the comfortable (wool from Peru…).

Feather are also very use for the typical ceremonies. They are really colored. They created big hat with coton and feathers rich in colors, hearings and a lot of kind of accessories.


This old country was, at this time very big. They were living in the wood with a dense vegetation.


Asia was one of the part of the museum i love the most. I like the buddhists culture and the architecture of their old building. It is a very old civilization, and this religion have nothing in commons with others religion in the world. Temples are awesome and share a very good feeling of calm and zen.


Asia have a lot of costume too. They like colors and party like for weeding and other traditional rituals. They also do the most beautiful calligraphy,with Chinese ink which now cost a lot of money.


They create pottery with wonderful motif, hand made, like flower vase or perfume recipient. This kind of art need a very sweet gesture, be zen and very patient. Some can take many hours.

For ceremonies, they create many very scary mask, often representing a dragon. They also create dragon costume, which some can contain more than 10 people inside, go get alive this creature. It’s very colored and funny, especially during the Chinese new year.



2 thoughts on “Visit to the Museum of Natural History”

  1. Clara, I hope you have been or are going to The Rubin Museum of Art on 17th Street as you had mentioned. Also I have not seen your Met Museum essay yet, but if you should decide to concentrate on the Buddhist aspects of Asian culture for your final presentation, I suggest you narrow it even further. There are many different Buddhist practices associated with different cultures and philosophies. The topic is huge. How can you narrow it down to create a presentation that truly elucidates the aspects of culture you want to share based on your interests?


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