Sebastiao Salgado is a very famous photographer around the world. Considering like on of the best photographer of the 21h century, with an amazing work across countries and cultures, he makes appear a reality, often hard to see.


This photographer makes me remember my first years at college. I had a photography class, and my professor was a reporter journalist, specialized in war countries. He takes wonderful pictures that he shows and explains us during class.

When instructions was given and class was at half, he brings us to a permanent Salvador’s exposition, located in a art gallery, just next to my Paris` school.

We were spending long time to watch their awesome pictures from his big book. The quality of paper was making pictures real.


This photographer travel around more than 100 country around the world to shows how human can be an issue for human.

His exposition, called “GENESIS” was exposed all around the wold since 2013.

His books all have a specific topic, very strong : An Uncertain Grace ; Workers: Archaeology of the Industrial Age ;  Migrations ; The Children: Refugees and Migrants;  Sahel: The End of the Road;  Africa; Genesis;  From my Land To the Planet 

Buy Book here

From Petrol mine, high poverty and anger in Africa but also is wonderful nature, indian in Amazonia and wood which disappear, list can be long to describe all the world matter shown by this photographer.

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Website devoted to the work of Sebastiao Salgado


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