Everybody had already spent their Sunday evening in bed, asking what he/she will do to kill time on this boring day.

What more natural, in this case, because Netflix is limited in its movie list, to open our famous application popCorn time, for chill during long hours (hangover or not) !!

Public enemy no. 1 since this creation, the application gave the pleasure to people to watch the movie they want, when they want, because of a platform where everybody can share, legally, all movies they have.

popcorn-time-logo (1)popcorn time


New on the market, Aurous will also change the way to consume music.

Based on the PopCorn Time Model, Aurous will permit all to share music with other users, for free.

All big record labels like Sony or Universal Music are protesting against this new application, but the main issue for them is that it’s totally legal.
Not only are music labels concerned by the app’s appearamce, but also pay-plateform like Spotify or Itunes, with prices which grow everytime.



In conclusion, a lot of platforms appear with a community system, which permit, from all over the world, to see each other’s movies online, legally.

More and more people are concerned with this situation, according to the 2 million time that it were upload in United States and soon 500,000 times in France…


  1. Wow, I can’t believe these platforms can legally exist–very interesting! Do you know if users of these websites/apps have to pay to become a member, or is it entirely free?

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  2. Clara, Excellent post, but I am never bored! I judge the importance of what you have shared by the comments you have received from your classmates. Perhaps you could post some links to journalistic sources that elucidate more aspects of the various issues you mention in your post, such as the legal one in more detail, the fact that free sites often begin changing fees after a while and any other aspects of the rapidly changing world represented on the internet.


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