It was Sunday, when I went to the Brooklyn Park for the first time, to see the exhibition PHOTOVILLE.

I was really surprised to see this amazing environment. The view of the skyline is the greatest I’ve ever seen.

The contrast between this quiet area and noisy Manhattan is great.


MAP OF POVERTYThe big map showing poverty in the US is at the center of the site.

No need to travel far away to see poverty everywhere.

Veritable society subject in develop country, some town, like in California, count more than 50% poverty.

A recent article in the New York Time prove that it`s an issue which have to find answers because of fact gravity. Los Angeles starts to react and has declared that it starts a homeless Emergency, and will pledging $100 million to aid thousands living in the street.

Read this entire article int his link :

Engaged artist, Matt black decides to show this subject with pictures wich show this poverty.

With touching Black and White pictures, the artist walked all around North America, discover how are this poor peoples, often forget by the society.

Pictures how open your eyes of what happen next to you

Instagram :

Pallets were displayed on every corner, which gave to the exhibition a rustically tone, without any embellishment.

PHOTOVILLEIMG_4221                                    IMG_4225Photographs were really diversified. However, the comon feature of these pictures is to denounce poverty.

A lot of shocking photography for an exhibition you can’t forget and how raise public awareness of world problem like war, women treatment, immigration…


PHOTOVILLEPHOTOVILLE Diversity could be seen among people present at the exhibition: young men, parents with children, students, women, grand mother with green hair…

This shows that everyone seems concerned by problems going on in our world.


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